ESP32duino/Hujer PCB

This is new. There has been a WeMos R32 with CNCv3 Shield Onstep controller option for about a year. It offers basic goto from a PC by way of USB. But OnStep offers a lot of other features users desire and the CNC V3 isn't modification friendly for utilizing these features. A lot of creative users have created work arounds, but these tend to be troublesome to implement.

I started work on a replacement for the CNCv3, but didn't get very far when Roman Hujer announced his ESP32 shield. It utilizes the ESPduino development board which run about $10.

The processor is the same Espeerif ESP32S that us used on the MaxESP1->3 and  Smart Hand Control. It runs the latest stable version of OnStep (4.2.4). with the Hujer shield it supports guiding for photography, a real time clock, use of the smart hand control, TMC drivers, BT and WiFi wireless control with a phone or tablet, tone (buzzer), status LEDS and One wire.

These are not a kit they are fully assembled and tested for $27.50, with WiFi and RTC modules $35. Connection options are as shown, with 90° RJ connectors or screw type terminals for the motors. Roman has posted a printable enclosure for this controller. Drivers are not included but are available.

A great way to get your feet wet with OnStep without a big investment of funds or time. Here's my test of the first one I built.

If this interests you and you have any questions let me know at:

Thanks, George

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