This controller is based on a PCB designed by Alain Kinlough, who wanted a feature rich controller, but felt he had no need for the 3rd and 4th drivers. Alain also used surface mount devices SMD). This attracted me as I wanted to work with this technology. 

Here's the controller being tested before being shipped to a fellow from Central Europe who was a beta tester. He specified screw terminal connectors. Which are available on the control as an option to 90° or 180° RJ connectors.

In addition to RA and Dec, the controller supports ST4, Power and Status LEDs, Smart hand control, Wifi, BT, encoders, PEC index signal, home switches or I2C for BME-280 sensor, 2nd I2C bus and a virtual serial port.

Not a kit, this will be sold as an assembled and tested controller. Pricing is $49, or $55 with a Mini D1 Pro and antenna. Drivers available but not included. If interested contact me at

Thanks, George

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