Thursday, May 7, 2020

I'm currently out of some of the parts needed for the STM32 kit due to the slowdown in international trade. It may be a couple weeks before my orders for STM32s parts are filled.

In the interim I'm offering the MiniPCBv2 as a kit for $40, a $5 reduction.

The MiniPCBv2 is a bit more compact, but offers the same features in a less complex package. This makes assembly faster and less complicated. It is designed around the same Teensy 3.2/400 micro processor as the v1, but offers the WeMOS d1 mini wifi processor and additional auxiliary outputs. The Teensy is faster and mounting the OnStep firmware is a bit more straight forward than the STM32.

Let me know and I can get the MiniPCBv2 kit out to you right away. Shipping still $5 in U.S. $12 to 15 international.

Thanks, George

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  1. Hello, can’t seem to find a link to order a kit. It appears to be going around in circles!